"If I read it correctly, orders can only be placed a week before, No same day deliveries, right? Thanks!" -Jessikah U.

ANSWER: Hi Jessikah, we do offer on-demand SAME-DAY delivery and recurring deliveries. Either cases both type of orders can be delivery within the same hour even. Difference between ordering donuts, croissant, coffee & other hot beverages on-demand vs recurring is: Recurring orders is currently only available for donuts, croissant, coffee, cocoa, & mocha. If schedule order once a week either regular dozen mix or special dozen mix, paid monthly in advance, it is eligible for all free deliveries. However, you can add, change, or take-away orders at any time. No commitment, just customer satisfaction guaranteed! To setup recurring orders and receive free deliveries goto: http://goo.gl/PGHaQm

If, you prefer to order occasionally and get the full selection of menu items delivered? Please try our on-demand delivery service. "See MENU and Order" or goto: http://goo.gl/62H88j There will be a delivery fee calculated based on your delivery address from our fulfillment shop. Ranges from $2.95 covers 2.5 miles radius upto $17.70/ 20 miles radius max. We hope this help in deciding your future order with us. Love and espresso! -Donut Pros