About Us

Who Are We: Donut Pros™ Donut Delivery Services and more...

Established October 2015 in old downtown Merced, California, Donut Pros™ a subsidiary of DNTPRO LLC. is a separate donut delivery company from our fulfillment partners such as Donut King's and Rollen Donuts, brands which have been recognized for exceptional products and services in their local communities since the 1950s. We're working with only the finest quality products produced by local handcraft donut shops like these and across the nation including your hometown, perhaps soon. Our mission is to deliver local shops' best donuts and provide an exceptional customer service, routinely.

Customers’ orders are scheduled on a weekly basis and charged monthly in advance. The minimum required is 1‐dozen donuts or bagel mix per weekly order (regular dozen mix $12 or special dozen mix $17). It's simple. NO contracts just Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We offer convenience home and office donut delivery to help boost clients' and employees' morale, whenever, wherever possible. Really, who doesn't feel love seeing donuts at home or the office?! Heck, we’ll even sit with clients if they ask us to, and feed clients or that employee-of-the-month their donuts while they could enjoy their leisure time uninterrupted. Yeah.. a bit weird, we know, however, we just want to demonstrate our customer-centric focus. :)

Love & Espresso, -DNTPRO